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Nick's Valve

wherein he gets stuff off his chest

Nick Verne
20 November 1969
Life. Live it and see what happens. Take Wednedays off for self-justification and whinging. Make long term plans. Expect that grand piano to fall on your head. Make the plans anyway. Mottoes aren't really my thing.

I've done the expat thing and I'm now doing the repat thing - a fairly common Aussie story. I don't expect to dine out on the stories. You can read them here as they happen.

Real things about me: male, homosexual, partnered to yuriverse, late 30s, tech type, tried to run from geekdom but I've found my pride. White, privelidged, a few hardships along the way. Family connections are largely gone on my father's (Romanian) side. Mother's side thrives. The family name literally stops with me, though. I chose the lj name for this reason. De-wogging Verzeanu to Verne in WWII may have "stopped" it already.