Nick Verne (nverzeanu) wrote,
Nick Verne

There has been such a huge release of tension in the last two weeks. Yuri's exams are over. My birthday has come and gone and I'm still here. (As a bonus, I've now lived longer than my dad). The weather has warmed right up. The house now has pictures hanging on the walls and feels so much more like home. The Google "perf" cycle is over and I read my peer reviews (all very nice). My husband is happy. My kitties are happy. I can hear Firbank munching his chicken wing right now. I'll pick up the bone fragments later.

I even went to the gym this morning (and I'll have to go again tomorrow or I'll seize up). Plus, I'm playing better on my violin than I ever did at school. Maturity isn't all downhill.

Did I mention maturity? Well, I still like Viz.

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