Nick Verne (nverzeanu) wrote,
Nick Verne

Here I am again. Not dead. Didn't forget you.

I just got a little clogged up on the "talking about me" front. Life has been quite interesting, really.

1. I have been playing my violin. Some improvements are happening. I have been slack about finding a teacher, but that should be remedied soon. I took my violin to the local violin maker for a check-up and routine maintenance, being nearly thirty years since its last repairs. In that time it accumulated some scratches, dirt, a few other things like the sound post position are going to be adjusted. Then it's time for some real lessons to bust out of the old bad playing habits and make some new good habits.

2. I've been less anxious about work. Mostly, I stopped hesitating to write up my thoughts for people to critique. I'm no longer worried to look like an idiot a few times before getting it right. That's a huge change - the old anxiety was quite stultifying.

3. We're on holiday. As I write, yuriverse and I are staying in a lovely gay retreat in the hinterland near Byron Bay. We're on a road trip. So far we've been through the Hunter Valley, visiting a couple of wineries (Lindeman's for Yuri's favourite plonk and Brokenwood for my childhood memories of weekend stays with working bees, labelling, boxing, cleaning, etc.). From there we drove to Mum's unit in Tuncurry to stay the night. This morning we embarked on the leg to Binna Burra (near Bangalow, not the lodge in Lamington National Park) after a quick turn around the breakwater. We're here a couple of nights followed by three in Noosa. I'll update after that.

4. Our plans for renovation have been in front of council. We're not through yet, but it looks hopeful. After that it will be time to really plan. Neighbours across the road are moving which is sad because they have been so nice to us. Let's hope the new owners will be equally nice. I hope for some friendly pooves but it'll probably attract a young yuppie family with its four bedrooms and backyard pool. Still, any of you well healed lj-ers thinking of moving to Balmain? Come and get this!

5. Cats have been their usual selves, with a rather unfortunate side issue of Dax's GI distress. I have cleaned up rather too many accidents although all have been in litterbox proximity. Unfortunately, the proximity is a bit too far in some cases. Gross. Dax will make a recovery soon - she has had a course of antibiotics and was responding but the tract itself takes a while to settle down. Vets are still waiting for test results on the "specimens". Poor Dax. It's hard to cuddle her when you're afraid of squeezing something unwelcome out.

6. Friendly catchups have been a pretty regular thing. Friday evenings have usually been fun until shortly after dinner at which time we all conk out like boring old men. Aging. It keeps happening. However, a couple of Fridays ago I made a point of taking in the newly reopened Imperial Hotel. I was in the front bar which didn't look that different from it's old self. A bit shinier, less closed off now you can look through a wall (did it have a fish tank? I forget). There was more to it but I didn't see it. A couple of beers, a few songs on the jukebox, a conversation with a young Asian guy who (wrongly) though he might get lucky. One or two familiar faces spotted. No desire to look downstairs or in the back bar with the shows. Maybe that's where all the changes have been made?

7. It's my birthday soon so start saving now.

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