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Nick Verne

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Ultrasound [Jul. 20th, 2010|08:55 pm]
Nick Verne
I'm going for an ultrasound on Thursday. No, I'm not pregnant. We're just trying to see if there are gallstones. The pain situation has been rather nasty these last two weeks. Heart problems are not on the table, nor (it seems) are reflux problems. Pushing the area got the required "ow" from me, so the doctor mentioned gallstones as the most likely thing.

Woo hoo.

[User Picture]From: clownfishdesign
2010-07-20 12:26 pm (UTC)

My last ultrasound was to check if I had a dvt in my leg - ooh yeah, in spades.

The worst ultrasound I ever had was on my nadsack (long story). Fortunately the person smearing lubricant on my nuts and rubbing them with a blunt probe was a big, boofy bloke so totally not my type, otherwise it could have been *really* embarrassing.
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