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Yuri is on holidays and I'm back at work already. There was an… - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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[Jan. 11th, 2009|08:31 pm]
Nick Verne
Yuri is on holidays and I'm back at work already. There was an intern starting last Monday, reporting to me, so I needed to be there when he started. It wasn't easy to get back into work this time around - I still need more days off and will take some more soon. Maybe yuriverse, Ann (who arrives for a visit next Thursday) and I will go off on a road trip down through Canberra, then back to the coast and down into Victoria via coastal roads. I've never been that far down the south coast so it'll be a first for all of us.

We've had a week of changes in the house and garden. Yuri has been supervising the removal of several nuisance trees in the back yard - a sprawling ficus that was threatening to strangle the smaller of our gum trees, a crepe myrtle that was planted spang in front of the garden shed (and spent most of the year looking glum, with a two week spurt of pink in summer - not worth the trouble). An indoor umbrella palm that was plonked in the ground next to the fence and grew large and scrappy, is now also gone. In front there are more problem trees that we hacked to stumps nearly a year ago, but they burst forth anew. Their roots are busy pushing over the concrete wall beneath the front fence. And finally, a large, ugly south african tree (growing larger by the day) has to go before it destroys more of the fence, the paving and the power lines. It's all sounding so negative, but Yuri has his plantings all planned out and we'll be appropriately native before long.

Anyway, here's a picture of the guy who visited after the ficus was gone

From Backyard Cockie

Inside, we finally attacked the junk room/office, and now we have a real desk at which I am currently typing. It's made of old fence palings (yellow box?) recycled, attactively joined into a desktop then ground down evenly and finished. If you look underneath you see it rough and unfinished. Very Balmain, we thought, and took it home in the back of the Mazda where it just barely fit.

We've resumed the round of boozing and dining with Gary and Robert, Jeff and John (whom I've not really mentioned here, but they're part of our circle of dinner queens). This time at Our Place across from Gladstone Park where we ate upstairs on the fine little deck overlooking the church next door. We didn't misbehave too badly, and nobody asked us to leave. We ate well - I definitely needed the gym on Saturday. The weight isn't coming off and I've run out of excuses. It's food and wine that's doing it, so I'm trying to stop the wine for a week now and see how I do. But I do like my glass or three of wine. I do.

[User Picture]From: maceball
2009-01-12 11:34 pm (UTC)
There's nothing wrong with wine, Nick!
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