Nick Verne (nverzeanu) wrote,
Nick Verne

Now at the end of week three, we are getting ready to move in to the Elizabeth Bay nautical dreamy apartment. Thursday's meeting with pregnant Lil from the building's Board of Directors was a relaxed, gossipy affair with very little by way of questioning from her, aside from asking if we were already in the place (No). Friday a lease was signed, keys collected, Robert and Gary given the tour, and all we needed was the painters to be finished before we can move in. Mum saw it this morning and is already furnishing it (theoretically) with every pre-owned item she has collected over the past decade. I fear we may become a dumping ground, so we'll have to stay vigilant. No doilies.

After a couple of migraines Wednesday and Thursday, I had my first doctor's appointment Thursday afternoon. Yay for gay GPs on Oxford St. Also, Immitrex is called Immigran in Australia, just in case you were wondering. I haven't had to use it yet.

Turning aside from housing stories, we got propositioned by one of the front desk staff downstairs - a nice ego boost. He shall have an invitation to the new digs. Another (non-lecherous) story: we went today to Wildlife World above the Sydney Aquarium. It was nice, but no Taronga Zoo. There were flat screen monitors playing multimedia loops at each exhibit, but that often meant you were forced to wait for some time before being told what was actually on display. I think I prefer the text signs used at most other zoos. Still, they have a good number of insects, spiders, snakes, lizards (yay for thorny devils and frill necked lizards), nocturnal marsupials (Go bilbies! Go long-nosed potoroo! We love quolls!), birds, koalas, wallabies and betongs and kangaroos and echidnas and the usual Australian crowd. Not bad for such a compact exhibit, a little expensive at $28.50. Chocolate bilbies were a highlight of the inevitable gift shop into which you were disgorged gathering speed down a series of exit ramps. An OK lunch followed at Wagamama, so now we can say we've tried it.

But really, we're wiped out tonight and it's mainly because of yesterday's fortieth birthday party for my brother-in-law over at Castle Cove. I acted as sangria-mule, fetching jug after jug from a big bucket in the downstairs fridge. The stuff was yummy and lethal - who knew it was full of brandy? There was a huge paella cooked on portable equipment by caterers, which was also yummy. Loads of siblings and step-siblings and their children, only a few remaining of the grandparents' generation, plus a few old friends made short work of a many cases of booze. Coming back to the hotel apartment later in the afternoon, we were ready to turn in for the night, but a bug in my head caused me to call Jay and Keith. We were on our way out again for a pub dinner in a Newtown back street. Really, it's one of those exhausting weekends where I'm looking forward to relaxing at the office.
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