Nick Verne (nverzeanu) wrote,
Nick Verne

I have an ultrasound on Tuesday! I'm not preggers, but I have a lot of typical gallstone symptoms, so there we have it. I'm actually hoping they see something obviously wrong with it (the infernal organ), because then there would be a resolution to the background of pain that's been a permanent feature between my shoulder blades. Blech - it's hurting right now, if you must know.

Progress on the moving and selling and getting rid of front. Contracts are signed, inspections done, disclosures disclosed on the house, so now it's in escrow. Yay! Pachinko machines are accounted for, so now I'll move on to desks and screens and comfy chairs and electronics of various unneeded kinds. Also, I have a mountain bike to get rid of. (Did I ever tell you about that? No? Well, it was a faddish thing I bought when the relationship with G was on it's last legs/over. I rode it several times, but I was too weak to ride it up the enormous hill back to the house, especially at the end of a ride when already tired. Hence the bike has gathered cobwebs in the garage while the tires (Aus - tyres) have deflated.) Also for ridding of: bookshelves, sectional couches, a queen bed, ect ect ect chiz. It's the litany of simplification, the desire for a new leaf to turn over. Of course, once we get settled in Sydney we'll probably end up neck deep in crap and stuff and things. Let's at least entertain the fantasy of beautiful, uncluttered spaces in a gorgeous house for now, though?

Next weekend Yuri an I are in PA for family things, then the weekend after that? Or the one after that? A farewell party. Drinks and foods and kitties and friends. But this weekend, in fact tonight, we go to Cafe Du Nord to see the Hoodoo Gurus. Woo hoo! I was never a big enough fan to buy their albums, but a couple of years ago I got the Ampology collection when nostalgia shopping on . They'll be groovy.
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