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July 4th, 2009 - Nick's Valve — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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July 4th, 2009

More than your average cat [Jul. 4th, 2009|01:04 pm]
Nick Verne
We said our final farewell to Weensie this morning. It's a hard decision but the right one. He went without pain. The last days were quiet times. We gave the house to Weensie to keep him comfortable. Yuri stayed home with him yesterday. He slept downstairs so Weensie could come and go without the inconvenience of the stairs. They were getting to be harder and harder work these last months. The last couple of weeks he got thinner and thinner, more and more disoriented. We kept trying to interest him in food and he would eat some to please us. Just as often he would approach a dish and forget why he was there. I don't think he was absorbing much from what he did eat. The time came this morning. I'm proud of Yuri for being brave enough to take the right decision. We said our goodbyes at the Balmain Veterinary Clinic and eased him into his last sleep.

I'm missing you already, Weensie. You were a great friend.
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