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Nick Verne

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May 20th, 2009

(no subject) [May. 20th, 2009|08:30 am]
Nick Verne
In a few more days I'll be on a plane to San Francisco for Google IO, and hopefully with something to brag about. It's been a very draining year so far. Although I planned to take a decent holiday, it hasn't happened yet. First I hosted an intern who was far more demanding of my time than the last one, then our team got very busy launching a new product, which means lots of yak shaving. (Yak shaving is derived from Ren and Stimpy but to tech geeks it refers to the seemingly unrelated weird little tasks you end up having to do to get your main thing done. We even went further and started referring the the forgotten bits as "tufts".)

So work has chewed up most of my attention, the gym regimen a lot of the rest and events are just passing me by right now. Poor yuriverse starts talking to me and my mind disappears into a fog which is a big indicator of how much I need a break. Turtle Cove for a week!! Recharge and come back to all the real life that's been neglected so badly.

There have, of course, been social events taking place. We went to the Swans game a couple of weeks ago, to Dylan Moran too, we went lawn bowling with Mum, we hung out with friends on Friday nights, had birthday dinners for Robert and Gary. It seems to pass by in a dream. I need to re-engage with my life.
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