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January 17th, 2009 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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January 17th, 2009

Scanning [Jan. 17th, 2009|07:09 pm]
Nick Verne
Body Composition Scanning sounded like a potential boondoggle to me, but my Dr at Holdsworth House Medical Practice recommended it since I kept moaning about not losing any weight even though I was "trying". That was months ago, and cut to last week when I finally stopped procrastinating and made an appointment. The scanner (Jarrod) was upstairs at Holdsworth House - rather convenient, but this was disclosed well in advance and may have helped contribute to my procrastination. Finally I took off from work up to Oxford St in a cab to make it to the appt on time, and naturally I waited ten minutes while the girl behind the desk dithered with another customer. Since I needed to fill out their "first time visit" form and I knew it, this was frustrating. Things looked up when I saw Jarrod who is teh yum - my age, the build I'd like to be, and a disarming smile. I couldn't really tell if he's family, but his medical centre there is pretty damn gay, so I'll say "probably".

The scanning was painless and futuristic. A bed with a small, low intensity x-ray camera held on an arm above. The arm makes seven passes over your body from top to bottom, the bed moves slightly from side to side and the computer makes a nice picture of your fat arse. So yeah, I'm officially fat and at risk of diabetes for carrying too much flab in a particular zone of the belly. The session went further, though. My body needs 1814 calories per day to prevent starvation - so if I was in a coma, they'd have to pump that much in to prevent me wasting away entirely. I need to lose about 7 kg (although I'd like to lose 8) to drop to the "safe" 8-20% body fat for a man my age. This was all tailored to my exact scan. The way he wants me to lose it is to eat 1900 calories/day and work out 1400 calories/week.

To lose the weight I need to work out hard. For ages I've been trying to exercise moderately, believing the "fat burning zone" on the exercise equipment actually meant something. Jarrod printed me a list of references showing that this kind of aerobic exercise, while great for the heart, don't do shit to burn fat. All this time I've been kidding myself that 1) I don't eat too much (or drink too much booze) and 2) I exercise enough, but it's not working. Delusional. So, here's the way to lose the weight - it won't work well with aerobics. There's got to be periods of raising my heart rate into uncomfortable zones - up to 157 bpm initially, and later (when I'm better trained) up to 169 bpm.

I confess my calories at http://www.calorieking.com.au.

That's enough of that, and I'll try not to bore you with it any more.
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