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December 24th, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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December 24th, 2007

(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2007|04:28 pm]
Nick Verne
It's Xmas Eve 2007 and yuriverse and I are treating ourselves to the indulgence of wine, books and internet in the yard. The breeze is refreshing, the citronella torch smoke is being blown in all directions, having 0 effect on the mosquitoes who also joined us in seasonal bonhomie. Plan B is to give them such a strong dose of alcohol from our blood that they fail to breed, instead slamming into the river gum behind us. It's quite magnificent, as you can see, rising 70 feet above the kitchen skylight. And it's right in our yard.

Presently this tree is housing some noisy miners, rainbow lorikeets and ravens, all at once with room to spare. Home for us, too.

Now, two weeks off from work and house projects are coming under control (we just got all the garden waste hauled away this morning - a month worth of pruning, weeding, removing unwanted purple flowering tendrily things so beloved of the former owners. It piled up and our little green waste bin, emptied every two weeks by the council, had no hope of clearing the backlog).

Now there is time finally to reflect on how colossal this year has been. The plans that were sown back in 2005 (you can read it here!) finally matured and bore fruit. It all seems so improbable, and all so simple at the same time. What could be more simple than packing up in San Francisco and moving to Sydney? People move all the time. But of course, it was no ordinary move. It led to Yuri and I registering our domestic partnership in California, merging our financial affairs, collecting documentation for the partner visa (and I will always love Australia for that. Just think, Mum, without a Labor government and its early 1980s political leadership, you wouldn't have me back in Sydney.) It led me to apply to work at Google Australia, not as a requirement for returning, but as a hopeful gesture that ended up making the return (and Yuri's Australian beginning) far more tangible. Then the whirl of finalising our California affairs, selling the lovely house in San Francisco, selling cars and pachinko machines, and giving away everything but a "few" items of furniture. The surreal final day, no furniture left in the house, painters in erasing our colours with their beige and cream, staying next door with the fabulous Mariel and Paul, waiting for the final journey, walking around downtown San Francisco, trying to buy a pair of Levis for Mum at the Levis store (no luck - everything is low-rise and teenager-y). And finally we were landing in Sydney, our lives in a couple of suitcases and carry ons, settling in for four weeks living in an apartment hotel. And so on it goes - moving to a harbourside apartment in Elizabeth Bay, learning a new set of routines, spending many wonderful days with friends, family, the town, searching for a place we could own, and finding it far earlier than we could have hoped. And that, of course, is only a slice of the pie.

And now we drink our wine, listening to the lorikeets and now a pair of cockatoos. Happy seasonal etc.
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