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September 23rd, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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September 23rd, 2007

(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2007|10:59 am]
Nick Verne
We go to Mum's for lunch today as dutiful son and son-in-law, helping with her computer. Mum is failing to understand the intricacies of Mac OS X after being a total non-power-user of Windows 98. Something about a popup window that won't go away, or the fact that just closing all windows doesn't quit an application in the Mac world. It's surprisingly hard when you didn't start years ago.

Aside from that, we're getting ever so much closer to our move from Elizabeth Bay - just a couple of weeks left, maybe three, and we're in Balmain. I'm looking for movers who are reasonably priced and will do the packing too. I remember ads for "Dyke Removals" in the Sydney Star Observer years and years ago. I wonder if they're still around? A truck and two dykes for an hourly rate, ect ect ect.

When does the beach weather start? I had a little taste up at Turtle Cove and now I long and long for it. (Not really).
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