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July 15th, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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July 15th, 2007

I hab a code [Jul. 15th, 2007|05:47 pm]
Nick Verne
It had to happen sooner or later, so now I have my first proper Australian winter cold in twelve years. We just got back from the baptism of my stepbrother's newest baby (young Harry), an event I was tempted to ditch for numerous reasons - mostly atheism and not wanting to spread my cold around, you know, the baby. Family loyalty won out and we sat politely in a pew while an almost-hatched priest (still a deacon) extended our service to an hour length extravaganza, nervously explaining every feature of the service, the decoration, the oils, the water, the photo ops on top of the fifteen minutes of actual ritual. I actually remember my own baptism, having a hurried ceremony in the upstairs chapel at St Aloysius College in third grade after it was noted that I was technically unqualified to attend that school. The priests said all the magic words and sloshed the magic liquids in about ten minutes flat. I vote for that style next time I'm roped in. Also, since we didn't get struck by lightning entering the Church, I'll stick to my opinions about the supernatural woo-woo.

The week had it's moments, mostly this weekend, but first a flashback to last weekend. We attended the Polly's birthday party dance (43rd) at the UNSW Roundhouse last Saturday. It was a drunken, drag heavy, disco dorking affair and our table was at least as drunk as the rest (OK, we were probably in the top three). Through the fog I recall some rather awful gastrointestinal distress suffered silently by a nearby patron, a grumpy man standing next to me on a balcony overlooking the aging diva drag show (some divas chose their torch songs poorly - if it's over three minutes there had better be writhing histrionics involved), and rather more than one bottle of wine each. Later, I heard from Robert and Gary (with whom we left around midnight), that three of our table got themselves thrown out soon after, and then rang up pissing themselves laughing about it at 1:30. Sunday we were rather tired and emotional, which was soon fixed by brunch around the corner (no mimosas).

Cut to Friday and a group of work pooves plus a few partners had a pooves night out in honour of a poof visiting our office from NY. I convinced them all to come to our flat for a few drinks before dinner (which suited me fine because I didn't want to tote my bag around all night). yuriverse had the place all ready with snacks and seats and booze when we arrived (good hubzbind). We were the oldest there, but not the first to leave (second place!), after dinner at Maggie's (instead of Una's - same Germanic food, closer restaurant), and another drink at the Columbian's noisy upstairs bar.

Last night we had a quiet dinner and movie night over at Robert and Gary's, and that's where I felt the beginnings of the cold (probably caught it Friday night). We watched Shadow of the Vampire and The Triplets of Belleville, both of which were enjoyed but I'm sure they'll hesitate to have us pick the next ones.

So we can jump over the baptism to the lunch party afterwards, which was all very nice at step brother Robert's house in Mosman. I was almost asleep on my feet due to this cold plus no coffee this morning. I most identified with little Spencer, my step-nephew? Is there such a thing? Anyway, he wasn't feeling 100% and got under a blankie on the couch and was soon out like a light. I envied him. Now we're back home and I'm about to do the same - not on a couch, though.
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