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July 1st, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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July 1st, 2007

(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2007|08:47 am]
Nick Verne
OK, our DSL is 11 Mb/s. Did you notice me posting more? I've had a week of faffing around, mainly. Work, home, food (out mainly, with friends a couple of times), sleep, a few gym visits, ect ect ect. So when does the fabulousness begin? I think it starts today - I intend to make arrangements for a house swarming in a couple of weeks time. We intend to go to Paddy's Market today and get some slippers. Later, the plan is to go to the Taxi Club for Sunday Roast dinner. Fabulous, no?

Last Saturday, Friedl Rosenberg died age 98. She and my mother were friends for decades, and our household here currently contains lots of her things - kitchen stuff mainly. We didn't get the chance to thank her in person (the last time we saw her was Christmas 2005). Mum has been a bit sad, but the death wasn't unexpected (you try living to 98). Anyway, other milestones were passed this week. Len (my stepfather) retired as a solicitor after 50 years. His downtown office is now closed and he moves from semi-retired two days a week to zero days a week. He's been golfing and lawn bowling and staying busy. It's hard to think of him as 73 years old, and Mum turning 68 in December. I met him when I was five years old just after Mum and Dad were officially divorced (although they had been separated since I was two). He was forty or forty one and Mum was younger than I am now. We went for a skiing holiday in Perisher at the lodge that Len and some of his friends had built in the 1960s. Mum and Len married in 1977 and we all moved to Len's house in Greenwich, and there they still live. When did I meet Friedl? It must have been in the late 70s too, or maybe the early 80s. At any rate, I was aware of (but never directly told the story of) her escape from Germany before WWII and her sister's fatal turning back to be with the mother who was sacrificing herself to get them out. She was a lonely old lady and Mum was a sympathetic and loyal friend.
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