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June 23rd, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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June 23rd, 2007

(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2007|01:26 pm]
Nick Verne
Finally the days are getting longer again! One day a shaft of sunlight might penetrate our apartment, but for the next few weeks at least we will be teased by the morning sun shining exactly parallel to the windows. Not that it's at all cold or dark. Anyway, here's a pic of me on the balcony taken right now:

And another with yuriverse just visible in the bedroom behind me.

It's a lovely day out, and I'm not planning to spend too much more time indoors. Mum rang this morning to suggest a day on Cockatoo Island to celebrate the return of the sun after the winter solstice (there's some kind of music thing going on there today). It's a possibility, but first I need some lunch after my strenuous workout with Ali Dib (a rather fetching Lebanese personal trainer who's been bullying me at the gym), then extracurricular workout with a nice fellow in the showers. This one suggested an underwear party at the Phoenix tonight, so we'll see. Yuri likes underwear and the mens in them.

Last Thursday I joined in an "engineering offsite" day held north in Collaroy at a recreation centre that specialises in climbing sliding and swinging on ropes. The flying fox and the giant swing were relatively fun (although I was glad of my helmet on the flying fox after clocking the back of my head on a braking stopper thingy). Some archery was chosen by my group of eight in lieu of the climbing wall, then we were off to the "high ropes", a course with several 15 foot sections of various tight-rope and balance beam walking challenges, all about fifteen to twenty feet off the ground. I had no idea I would be so scared. At one point I was asking if I could climb down the pole to exit the course, but after being told that I had to wait for the rescue kit and stop everyone else using the equipment, I continued. Never a-fucking-gain. The next engineering offsite better involve booze.

I'll try to post more often now that our DSL is super-fast eleventy Mb/s or something.
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