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May 13th, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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May 13th, 2007

(no subject) [May. 13th, 2007|05:21 pm]
Nick Verne
We are just back from Mothers' Day luncheon at Sarah's place - family barbecue in Castle Cove accompanied by currawongs and lorikeets and St Andrews Cross spiders and some wasps. Nothing molested us, however, and we filled up on cheese-y muffin bites, steak, sausages, salad, potatoes, apple meringue pie and wines. My tummy got rather wobbly toward the end, so here we are reviving in the hotel after a quick train trip home (Mum dropped us at St Leonards).

So far, yuriverse has been blogging our adventures. All I have to add is the work-related component. I was taken out for a lunch at Marigolds on my first day, all very nice. "Yum Cha" here, "Dim Sum" back in SF. I am told (by my Chinese Australian coworkers) that the dishes themselves are Dim Sum, and the meal is called Yum Cha, so there. I am temporarily occupying a desk right by the North-West facing windows, 18 floors up. Six floors above me, working for Fairfax, is one of my friends from high school. We met down in the lobby for coffee and gossip (not the lascivious kind, just the bitchy kind). On Friday there was my hazing - being introduced at the social TGIF event and having to recite an anecdote. I couldn't think of one, so I just gave the old horror story about the visa-mixup-get-back-on-the-plane-to-Sydney fiasco from 1999.

This weekend has been busy but enjoyable - strolling around the Rocks, going all consumer at the Pitt St Mall, browsing Abbeys Books, dinner with Robert and Gary and their friends, today's lunch. I still haven't reached that point where I really believe we live here. That will happen about a month in, I expect. Most of my trips back here have been at least a couple of weeks long, so we have to get well past that milestone before it sinks in.

I miss Dax
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