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April 27th, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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April 27th, 2007

(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2007|05:20 pm]
Nick Verne
Wine glass at my side, one or two flies buzzing about the living room. Painters needed the doors left open, so in they came. The house is getting tarted up for sale - being painted Gay Realtor Beige - they called it "camel". I call it the paint they bought in bulk for cheap, but they know their buyers and what colors attract them - also what colors scare them away. So the house will be completely generic within minutes of our vacating, and hopefully that will bring a queue of generic buyers who want a small two bedroom house in San Francisco, in a quiet neighborhood, 650 feet up a hill, dog park nearby, no homeless or poor people in sight. I've been living here since mid 1999 - G and I bought the house during the beginning of the boom and of course we thought it was peaking and we were paying too much. We were tired of renting and had saved enough to make a deposit (with some help from one or two family members - thanks, Mum. She gave me the equivalent of the money she spent on my sister's wedding. Yuri and I will have to pay for our own).

We looked at places, made offers, and were told that the actual sale price was $50K higher than us. It was no fun, and G was determined, so one weekend we made offers on multiple houses - we just offered the amount we had to spend and left it to fate. We were not expecting the call two weeks later telling us our offer was accepted. Great!! Umm, which one? And up here we came, to look at the house again - see what we were getting into. It was a little bit small, but the space was well organized and in the end we fit it like a glove.

Later, when G and I split up, it was a bit cavernous. For four years I occupied it alone (with the occasional guest - yuriverse, kitchenbeard), and in that time I got a little bit antsy. I wanted to move to the Castro or nearby, I wanted something sexier, but each house/apartment I looked at just didn't grab me enough to uproot myself here. So when Yuri and I decided to pursue our Australian odyssey, we bided our time here. And really, it has been a wonderful place to live, great neighbors, easy access to Muni, easy commutes, great food down the hill, great food delivered, some gorgeous weather and views (and lots of fog - boo to that).

I had my last native lunch at Googleplex - from now on if it happens, I'll be an outsider. Yuri and I had some great Basque-style tapas, I farewelled the crew I've barely met, and now we prepare for our movers. But before that we will take our leave of SF, buying the gay bar T-shirts like tourists and wondering when we'll see it all again (answer: not too long - we have to come back for Weensie and Dax).

For those of you who are curious, this is what rats can do to the inside of a hot tub:Collapse )
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