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January 14th, 2007 - Nick's Valve [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nick Verne

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January 14th, 2007

Disaster Movie [Jan. 14th, 2007|09:47 am]
Nick Verne
Saturday, 7:00 pm Mmmm steak! Prime rib for me, NY Steak for Yuri. Yum, Kaiser Grill
Saturday, 9:00 pm Me: Let's go to the Barracks! Yuri: My stomach hurts, but OK. Immodium is a miracle drug.
Saturday, 10:00 pm Me: I better take you home.
Saturday, 10:30 pm Me: I wanna go back to the Barracks with the guys in room 15. Yuri: I sleep.
Sunday, 12:30 am Me: Fuck that ass with your thick man thing. Yeah!
Sunday, 1:30 am Me: Why am I so goddam cold? I can't get remotely warm in bed.
Sunday, 6:00 am Me: Bloooargh!

No more Kaiser Grille ever.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2007|05:54 pm]
Nick Verne
What a blah day. I spent it shivering fully clothed in bed. The lesson is learned: drink too much, eat rich food, party it up and the body will have its revenge.

Yuri has stayed by me all day as I have pissed and moaned. He deserves a reward. Maybe we find him a nice blond tonight?
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